Las Vegas, Nevada – February 12, 2014 – PROJECT Las Vegas at Magic Market Week, the largest menswear and dual gender trade fair for advanced contemporary apparel, premium denim, designer collections and footwear in the US market, offers an elevated shopping experience as The TENTS @ PROJECT are transitioned inside of Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

This positioning of The TENTS onto the main floor of PROJECT, continues the transformation toward an upscale sophisticated trade fair, giving attendees the ability to easily navigate from one destination to the next. Its modern look will also be echoed onto the PROJECT show floor giving surrounding booths an airy and open ambiance...

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Photographry Editiorials Done Right …..

Breaking into editorial photography is a great way to get more exposure, build your portfolio, and receive unique assignments that will allow you to work with models, real people, and even allow you to travel the world.

If you’re already an accomplished professional, transitioning to editorial photography can be fairly easy if you can remember a few things that make it different than typical portraits.

There may be an angle or a specific item or location the writer talks about in the article that you should focus on. Your images are to compliment the article, so giving the story a quick glance can help you look for specific items in stores, or help you visually set a tone for the shoot. If it mentions an old antique chest, ask where it is located...

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… Seriously Sexy ???

Wow! That’s all I could say. This circus of a video had the biggest clown as the “ring master”. Style Shifter you really should’ve shifted the style for this one. LOL. I mean really, the video looked like a bad, low class porn. The video had good quality though. Brownie points for that right? LOL

Being a girl from the “hood” I’ve seen alot of ass shaking videos. And all of the girls in those videos had ass, and plenty of it. LOL. With a chorus like, “that ass must be jelly, cause jam don’t jiggle like that”, I expected buns, in jello form. Instead I got pancakes. Boo! The girl with the biggest butt was the white girl. (Go figure) But even she couldn’t dance. None of the girls could dance. Lol They were all popping what they thought was ass. Hopefully their jobs wasn’t stripping. LOL


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Moving on up …LipsSealed Style……

AAAHHH.!! That’s how I feel. So many things running through my head, and emotions flowing through my body. I swear i’m doing things that I’ve always dreamed about but never thought I would get to at this age. Being only 20, a girl, and trying to make it as a DJ, let me tell you, not the easiest thing. If you could put a jumbo-tron to my head and see what i’m living you’d probably think, “Wow! This young lady, Yeah!) I want to start off introducing myself. My name is LipsSealed DJ to The Caffeine Radio. And since doing this I’ve just been having learning, growing, and having fun doing so.

My first gig was probably the most un-explainable (spell check) time ever. But I’m gonna try. My first real life DJ gig was at The Arts Factory...

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The Leather’s Touch …

 It was a typical morning , a little arguing with my boy friend and and then breakfast lol ..  and yet I had no idea how cool it was going to become when I got to Container Park.Container Park has a lot of cool things going on, one of which is fashion. I got to talk to the lovely Jessica Galindo who has some awesome  hand made hand painted  luxury leather couture accessories.

Her line consist of scarfs, earrings, handbags, bow ties, cuffs and necklaces, which all come from different leather from across the hide. Getting to know Jessica I found out she’s an artist as well. She draws her inspiration from all facets of life and likes abstract shapes...

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Nurielle Haute Couture, Singapore, Dubai, Las Vegas!


I got the chance to do a photo shoot for Nurielle Haute Couture from their Las Vegas Location at the Fashion Show Mall, they do also have another location here located at The Shoppes at the Plazzo. I had a blast shooting the styles! We got creative with the shoot by putting some of the male models in fur by Nurielle! Alfie Mawardi created Nurielle in the 1970′s in New York City. Alfie Mawardi, who has made shoes for Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Rachel Welch, Sammy Davis Jr, and the Moody Blues, learned the cobblers’ trade growing up as a child in New York. Alfie was one of the largest domestic shoe manufactures in New York at the time under the brand name “Alfie’s Shoes.” Shortly after Alfie took on Steve Madden and created “Souliers” another shoe company...

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Widow Den

Wow 2014 has been a great year so far! I’ve been doing some really fun fashion shoots. Recently C. J. Aurora of Window Den let the team and I shoot in some her jewelry that she’s been designing for 8 years and awesome clothing she sells, which are all women designers… Talk about girl power!

she  classifies her style of jewewlry as edgy, bohiemian,  wimsical  and diverse. And by the way they’re all hand made., so check out her website at…I love that she designs wristlets, for those who don’t know it’s the ring and bracelet combo. Funny how it’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and I never knew the name lol...

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Horiyoshi III Legacy Come to Life in the Fashion World ….!


Master Horiyoshi III Nakano Yoshihito was born on the 9th of March 1946 in Japan.

Tattooing traditional Japanese Irezumi including drawing and painting for over 40 years one can say that he has reached an impressive level in his craft and as an artist today. He is probably the most famous Japanese tattooist worldwide and has tattooed renowned movie- and rock-stars in his career. For decades he became known as the ambassador of Japanese traditional Irezumi tattooing. Befriending people like Mr. Don Ed Hardy in the early 1980ies he made extensive travels to the west showing his skills and artwork, which was always in high demand.

He launched his own exclusive high end clothing line ‘Horiyoshi the third’ in 2009, which immediately took off to be a huge success...

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Rebel Spirit A Royal Way Of Life …


In 2010, a Rebel Spirit Street Team was formed to hit some of the busiest cities in order to party with the locals and to give away tons of money, Rebel Spirit “CASH” to be exact. This Year Rebel Spirit Clothing plans on giving away over $20,000.00 in usage Rebel Spirit Dollars (this money can only be spent on the Rebel Spirit Clothing website, but the customers do not have to buy anything in order to use the Rebel Spirit Dollars). You can find our street team walking in the downtown area of Hollywood, California mixing it up with the people, passing out Rebel Spirit Dollars, taking pictures with people, doing live photo shoots and hitting some of the busiest clubs. Rebel Spirit Clothing has armed itself with one of the sexiest groups ever assembled for a street team...

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Yesterday I felt the utmost calm, peace and silence as I looked at the mountains in the clouds, with snow top peaks. It was beautiful, majestic, calming and ethereal. My heart was so full of peace and tranquility, I couldn’t stop looking and watching as the clouds hovered over the peaks like a majestic blanket. It looked like something out of a fairy tale, something unreal and yet there it was! I wanted to stand on the peak and breathe in the serenity.

In that moment, silence was the most beautiful and precious gift that I could have received along with the momentous vision.

I know that silence can mean many different things to many different people at many different times. I prefer to cherish the silence that brings peace, contentment and fulfillment...

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